Cathy’s Hook Club – Spring Fling Pillow NEW PROJECT

I thought I hadn’t crocheted for quite a while, since I finished the afghan, yet it turns out that was only nine days ago! For someone who only got into crocheting properly this year, that shouldn’t feel like an eternity! Anyway, I was getting some withdrawal, and so decided to make a start on my project for Cathy’s Hook Club by The Crochet Crowd.

The pattern is another one from Red Heart, this time it is the Spring Fling Pillow, for which you can find the pattern here. I don’t actually have a pillow for it yet, so I’ll simply make the 12×12″ size that the pattern makes, and see about getting a pillow later. Heard from others who have completed the pillow, it is quick work even for a beginner.

I have chosen my colors for the project (see right). The piece will be quite soft and pastel, and I think it will be quite adorable. My projects seem to have quite a lot of purple in them so far! But I thought these colors complimentary of the ones I have in my yarn collection.

The good thing about the crochet clubs on The Crochet Crowd is that you’re free to work from the written pattern, but if you prefer, each club is released with video tutorials, so you can follow them while you do your work. They are very good for beginners and should help you get used to the jargon of crochet, and hopefully with time the patterns will become less gibberish and more understandable.

Let me know if any of you are working Cathy’s Hook Club; similarly with the Afghan Club, there is a giveaway associated with the club, which you can find more about here.

WHOOPS: I forgot to add in the actual link for the pattern! So, here it is, and please let me know if you’re working on a pillow for the club too!


2 comments on “Cathy’s Hook Club – Spring Fling Pillow NEW PROJECT

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