Baby hat with ears – FINISHED PROJECT

This hat didn’t take me very long to do, and was an easy enough pattern that I think beginners would manage well. It works with a generic hat pattern and adds on little ears that are easy enough to crochet up, and sew in place with the yarn you used for the hat. Hat patterns like this are very versatile; you could add different ears, various appliques, or just leave it as it is! Mine was inspired from the video tutorial by Wooly Wonders Crochet, which you can find here. Instructions are offered for a newborn and for a three-month-old, but you can quite easily modify the pattern for bigger sizes, e.g. using bigger hooks, adding extra rows. Mine is a for a three-month-old.

I sewed the two ears on slightly differently, but I think it looks o.k. It’s very cute! I shared the picture on my personal Facebook, and my sister has already commissioned one for my one-and-a-half-year-old nephew! I’ll probably come back to the basic hat pattern a lot, as there are often babies to give to! Hats are also always a good item to give to charity shops, or specific charity projects that ask for baby clothes or hats in particular.