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Mikey’s Afghan Club – Progress

I’ve completed one of each of the four different motifs of the afghan I am making for Mikey’s Crochet Club on The Crochet Crowd, and so thought I would update to show how they look.

As you can see, there are really only two different motifs, but there are two versions of each. The full pattern can be found here, and my previous post on this project is here.

With hope, the next time I post about this project will be when it’s all stitched together and completed! If anyone uses this pattern, I would love to see your pictures. I would love to make a Readers’ Gallery if I had enough submissions. 🙂

Mikey’s Afghan Club – The Crochet Crowd

One of the projects I am working on now is an afghan blanket, as I’m participating in the monthly crochet club on The Crochet Crowd. See this link for the announcement of the February 2013 Afghan Club announcement.

Mikey, or Michael Sellick, runs a fantastic site with help from others, and I actually learned to crochet very easily from his video tutorials in YouTube. The site offers free patterns and many useful resources, and is definitely worth checking out!
Watch Curtzy Crochet Hooks’ series on learning crochet with Mikey on YouTube

The afghan that the club is making is based on a free pattern from Red Heart. It is the Octagons and Squares Throw, which you can find a free pattern here. In basic terms, it consists of making two different motifs, 20 of one, and 12 of the other. Half of each are using one color, while the other half uses the other color. Four colors are used in total for the throw.

I will post pictures of each motif when I’ve finished one copy each of them. It’s an exciting project, and is surprisingly easy enough even for a beginner; the final product looks way more complicated than it actually is to make! If you can’t read the written patterns, Mikey’s YouTube channel (linked above) offers tutorials on learning to read them, but also, the Afghan Club releases videos to show you how to complete this specific pattern! You can use whatever colors you like, and additionally, if you upload your finished product to The Crochet Crowd within a month, you are entered into a random draw to earn prizes! Win-win!