Mikey’s Afghan Club – Octagons and Squares Afghan COMPLETE!

This post is actually very much overdue, as I finished the afghan on 15th March! I’m very pleased with how my afghan turned out, and it’s very cosy! I actually downsized mine a little, making 12 octagons and 6 squares rather than the 20 octagons and 12 squares requested in the pattern.

The winner for the giveaway, and unsurprisingly I didn’t win as there were 496 entries! But I’m very happy because I have the blanket!

The free pattern for the afghan can be found here on Red Heart. The pattern for the next Afghan Club by the Crochet Crowd will be released on the 1st April, so keep an eye on their site. Right now Cathy’s Hook Club is going on until April 15th, if anyone is interested.

I hope to get back into crocheting again very soon and make progress on my impending and in progress projects. Right now I’m very happy with the afghan – it might look impressive, but it’s actually easier work than it looks. 😉 It’s suitable for beginners, so have a go if you want a bit of a challenge to get you going with projects.