For the first time in ages, I had a flip through my knitting and crochet book. Before I learned from video tutorials, the book was very intimidating and I found it difficult to follow. Looking at the patterns in there, I was very excited to do them, but thought it would be a long time until I got to that ability level. Today, I found that the patterns looked a lot less intimidating! Since completing my octagons and square afghan, I realize that crochet can make patterns and garments look very complex, but the pattern itself is quite simple! I feel that most patterns I look at now are not out of my reach at all, and in fact I have far too many to choose from, and (un?)fortunately many other hobbies that I want to commit myself to!

One problem I find reading the book is that while I have learned North American notation for the stitches, my book is naturally using UK terminology! It informs me that the difference in notation is that UK terminology does count the beginning loop on the hook, while US does not. So in what I call a single crochet, you pull through two loops, so UK calls it a double! It shouldn’t present too much of a challenge, although it might be a bit confusing at times! I’ll have to sketch down each row as I work for clarity, I think.

Anyway, one project I’ve selected to complete from the book is a clutch bag for my twin sister. It has a bow attached, and it’s a pretty little thing. She can use it to store make up or whatever she needs it for. Although she already has too many bags, something I chide her for(!), at least this one is functional! It should be quite a short project, so I might squeeze it in after I complete the Spring Fling Pillow; I’m currently making a scarf for her too, as you’ll see in my last impending projects post, but as that is simply row after row of single crochet, I just work a bit on it when I’m up for a project that doesn’t require much thinking!

Now I’m off to make some more progress on the Spring Fling Pillow! I had some trouble a few days ago with the centerpiece, and it was driving me up the wall, but the good thing is that it was correctable by simple adding in the relevant increases or decreases to make sure I had the 28 stitches for the next round. I’m excited for the finished product, although I do need to find a pillow to put the cover on!