New projects

Here, I find myself saying again “Whoops, I didn’t mean to abandon the blog!” Between my worsening health and my focus on language learning, I didn’t really think much about crochet, in spite of the yarn stash taking over what little space isn’t overflown with books! I have a few projects in mind again, and here they are.

1. Baby’s hat with bear ears

One of my sister’s friends is having a baby, and another sister has a pregnant colleague, so I thought to work on some baby projects to give them a gift. I chose this hat with ears tutorial by Wooly Wonders Crochet, which you can find on YouTube here. It follows a basic versatile hat pattern that you can use for just about any type of hat. Check out some other videos too by Wooly Wonders Crochet.

2. Basic beanie

Using a similar pattern, I have still to finish off the beanie I mentioned making for myself in this post. I’ve decided to omit the ear flaps and just go for a very basic beanie.

3. Baby’s cardigan

Again, I intend this possibly as a gift to the pregnant ladies mentioned above. I’m following a tutorial from Made With Love By Grama, which you can find here. It’s a pretty cardigan to which you can add buttons, appliques, etc.. A pattern is given for a three-month-old and for a six-month-old.

These are the main projects at the moment, and I want to finish most of them up before committing to any more. I am considering designing some bookmarks to sell over at Fiverr, and also a big pencil case for myself. I’m also considering having a go at my first clothing item for adults, which is a top from a knitting/crochet book I own; perhaps my sister will wear it, or I can donate it – although there are many patterns I fancy trying that I would have no use for, I volunteer in two charity stores (one aiding the homeless in my town, and one for a national animal charity), and can easily donate my products there. There are also many charity projects online asking for donations, which is a lovely idea if you’re just crocheting for fun.

I’m also wavering over the decision to do some videos on YouTube, starting with basic crochet techniques, and expanding to patterns. I’m not sure yet. There is no shortage of great YouTube tutorials for crochet, but on the other hand, there’s no harm in another crocheter having a go, is there? 🙂 We’ll see what happens. I already have enough hobbies that make it hard to commit to them all with my health issues!


Long time, no see!

I unintentionally seem to have abandoned this blog! Things have been a bit all over the place for me in the last months, and my routine went out of the window for a while. As I’ve eased myself back into my other activities, such as the language learning over at Polyglot Scot, as well as music and writing, I’ve finally come around to getting back to crocheting, and no doubt I’ll be immediately hooked again! The hardest part for me is choosing a project; I seem to choose things that I have little or no use for personally, but I have not only a large family to give gifts to, but I volunteer with three charities, who each have shops, and so it’s an option for me to donate to them. I still fancy the idea of having an online shop for crocheted items, but I have too many things to devote my time to that I know I could possibly end up resenting having to complete projects for people on demand rather than what I want to do, so I think I’ll work on designing my own patterns through the end of the year and get them out rather than actual items online. 

I look forward to getting back into this hobby – and no doubt my niece will be nagging me for those mini granny square blankets for her toys again. 🙂

I hope everyone’s well! Hopefully I’ll be back here soon enough with news of impending projects (if I can choose!), and a little later down the line hopefully some designs. I’m also slowly learning to knit (but it’s hard to persevere instead of just going back to good ol’ crochet!), so hopefully I’ll get some knitting projects done too.