Impending projects

I haven’t written here for a few weeks as I work through my afghan, so I thought I would write about the projects that I have in mind to work on after completing the afghan.

1. Cathy’s Hook Club – Spring Fling Pillow

The new project for Cathy’s Hook Club began today, and runs until April 15th. It is similar to Mikey’s Afghan Club, and is also run by The Crochet Crowd. You can find information on the club here.

The pattern is from Red Heart and can be found here. (Note: you’ll find yellow highlights in the downloadable pattern; this is because corrections had to be made from a previous version.) This is quite a short project; of course, it depends on your skill level among other things, but I’ve seen from The Crochet Crowd Facebook page that it takes people in the region of five hours. I will be choosing out colors for my pillow soon, and hope it’ll just be a quick project I can fit in between my other plans.

As with Mikey’s Afghan Club, there is a random giveaway for one lucky winner, which includes yarn, a yarn bag, and a mug. All giveaway rules and guidelines can be found in the link above for Cathy’s Hook Club.

2. Simple scarf
I’m building up a simple scarf for my sister using single crochet, and also plan to practice pattern writing by writing out the short pattern for it, which I’ll post when I complete it. I’m using yarn from the Patons Fab DK range in the color Clown, which is variegated and gives a really nice effect to the scarf. Using single crochet means the scarf has tight stitching and is very cosy!

3. Square design baby blanket
I have built quite the collection of baby colors, mostly of Baby Dream DK colors, and plan to build up a blanket using them. The plan just now is to have squares of colors from the center out, for which I will write up a simple pattern and post it here. I don’t know yet what I’ll do with it, but I do have a nephew who is seven months old, so it may end up going to him. 🙂

4. My first real design
For the two projects above, I’m going to practise writing a pattern, but they’re pretty simple and don’t have much actual design input from me, so I’ve come up with an idea with more design involved, and I hope it’s not too complex for me! It’s just a decorative item with no function, but it would work as a baby toy too. I don’t want to give away anything about it until I’ve made some progress and can see that it’s going to turn out alright! Here’s hoping all goes well on it, and I can post the pattern here for anyone’s use if they like it.

So those projects should keep me going for a while yet! I think my biggest problem with crochet is seeing too many projects that I want to work on, and having to choose! After my first attempt at a hat went quite wrong, as it was my first ever project, I want to try that again soon, as my stitching is more uniform now. But it’s not in my “official” project plans quite yet. If any of you take on any similar projects, or decide to participate in Cathy’s Hook Club, let me know, and send pictures of your work if you wish. I hope you enjoy these projects!